Manipulation: A connection for a small duration

“- Don’t trust that person he’s a manipulator – What is a manipulator?” Well, if you look it up in the dictionary you will find the next definition: Verb (used with object), manipulated, manipulating. To manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner: To manipulate people’s feelings. Usually, the object of manipulation is a thing, a machine for example, and when people are treated as “things” they become also the object... Continue Reading →


“Amour” – when love meets pain

« Amour » – « love » – « amore » – « amor » etc… I’ve always had my own definition of love, or at least that’s what I thought until I found out that my “own” definition is everyone else’s definition, which is basically inspired by movies and romantic stories. Movies that always end where real life actually starts. However, there... Continue Reading →

حنان في كوكب تحنان

كان يا ما كان في قديم الزّمان، على كوكب إسمه "تحنان"، كوكبٌ خلقه الخيال وسكنه الإنسان. على هذا الكوكب حلّ السّحر في كلّ مكان، فكانت سوائل تحيي وتروي ظمأ الإنسان، وأنوارٌ تضيء وتُدفئ كلّ كيان. على كوكب كانت الصّيرورة والدّيمومة فيه عنوان، تحوّل الإنسان من كائن صلبه الحنان إلى كائن يبجلّ وينشر العدوان. فتغيّرت بذلك... Continue Reading →

Places: Stillness, silence, emptiness

“Stillness, silence, emptiness...” Whenever I think of places the imagery of walls, monuments, rooms, and hollowness pops out in my mind. And then I remember when I left yesterday a place melancholic and arrived to the other a bit anxious and kind of stressed. Two places having similar architecture, both built with stones and probably... Continue Reading →

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