It Just Feels RIGHT

“It just feels right...” Taking decisions is one of the hardest things in life. When you have to choose between two things or more, you enter into that unending cycle of “what ifs”. “What if I fail”, “what if I regret it”, “what if people judge me”, “what if it doesn’t work”… Whenever you come … Continue reading It Just Feels RIGHT


When Good Isn’t Enough

“Some people can do anything and be good at it but what if good wasn’t just enough?” I’ve always been good, or at least that’s what most people tell me. “Good job”, “good work”, “good effort” etc. Whatever I try, I find myself doing a good job, and that’s the most thing I hate. There … Continue reading When Good Isn’t Enough

حنان في كوكب تحنان

كان يا ما كان في قديم الزّمان، على كوكب إسمه "تحنان"، كوكبٌ خلقه الخيال وسكنه الإنسان. على هذا الكوكب حلّ السّحر في كلّ مكان، فكانت سوائل تحيي وتروي ظمأ الإنسان، وأنوارٌ تضيء وتُدفئ كلّ كيان. على كوكب كانت الصّيرورة والدّيمومة فيه عنوان، تحوّل الإنسان من كائن صلبه الحنان إلى كائن يبجلّ وينشر العدوان. فتغيّرت بذلك … Continue reading حنان في كوكب تحنان

Who Said Anger Is A Bad Thing?

Anger and sadness, negative emotions that we should stay away from and switch into positive ones. People deal with anger and sadness as if they were bad things! They deny and tend to suppress them. - “Smile, come on chill ma badda hal2ad” - “Yeah, well badda w aktar”. I’ve met a couple of people … Continue reading Who Said Anger Is A Bad Thing?


“Stillness, silence, emptiness...” Whenever I think of places the imagery of walls, monuments, rooms, and hollowness pops out in my mind. And then I remember when I left yesterday a place melancholic and arrived to the other a bit anxious and kind of stressed. Two places having similar architecture, both built with stones and probably … Continue reading Places…

Ninette: “He (God) has favored me”

 Ninette is a Hebrew name, and the meaning of Ninette is "He (God) has favored me; little girl; great-granddaughter". Ninette is an alternate spelling of Anne (Hebrew): the English variation of Hannah. Ninette is also a variant of Nina (Spanish, Hebrew). Ninette is also used as a variant of Ninon (French, Hebrew). ASSOCIATED WITH little, great As a kid, I didn’t really like my … Continue reading Ninette: “He (God) has favored me”

When I Finally Found Love

Have you ever wondered how life follows the rule of two? two eyes, two arms, two legs, night and day , laughter and sadness, Conscious and subconscious,  soul and  body, men and women... A creation that’s always the result of “two”. A creation of something or someone, a creation of feelings and thoughts, a creation … Continue reading When I Finally Found Love