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A Bit More Than A Coincidence

“I do believe that it wasn’t just a coincidence…”

How many times a coincidence knocked on your door?  You at least have one event in which you tell the story of how you met your soul mate unexpectedly or how you keep meeting that guy/girl you like by chance, how you got that job you always wanted, how someone you were thinking about called you and how you found what you were exactly looking for, by COINCIDENCE. Don’t you love these remarkable coincidences? They are simply Miracles created by love.

Today all I was thinking about is the universe and the way it functions, how coincidences are made and how they play a major role in our life path.

I remember, One day as I was sitting in nature thinking. I took a pen and a piece of paper out of my purse on which I wrote: “I want to be a writer”. Minutes later, I was checking Facebook then I saw an announcement of a workshop entitled “do you want to become a writer?” which was going to be held the next day. I had only a few hours left to register, I opened my wallet and found the exact sum of money needed for the registration, I went there the next day and it just felt right. Arriving at the wanted destination, I couldn’t remember in what room they were, so I picked one randomly and as I opened the door I found a paper on the wall that says: this way.

To me reading that affirmation “this way”, drawn a smile on my face for only god knows how much I was struggling to know which way I should go. The series of coincidences that happened to me might not really interest you for “it just might happen!”, but I know one story that will blow up your mind, “the Jim twins. “

Jim Springer and Jim Lewis1440x900-nocolor

Jim Springer and Jim Lewis are two twins who were separated at birth and adopted by two different families, these two twins are the actual definition of coincidence.

Both of them didn’t know the existence of one another until the age of 39. That is when they finally met and found out that they both had the same name “Jim”, both had a dog named Toy, married a woman named Linda, got divorced and married another woman named Betty.

Jim Springer had a son named James Allan Springer and so did Jim Lewis who had a son named James Allan Lewis, and even their kids have similar jobs, cars, and tastes.

What happened in the case of Jim twins can be explained through a concept called synchronicity which means the acausal connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena, a term that was first coined by psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961).

In other words, what we call a coincidence isn’t really produced by chance, it is caused by our own thoughts, honest desires, and beliefs, and it may indicate the presence of one common “unconscious mind” connecting us all together.

This principle isn’t yet confirmed as a scientific fact, but other real stories similar to Jim twins make synchronicity more and more believable.

“I do believe that it wasn’t just a coincidence, it was God’s well-planned event”, no matter what the coincidence might be, even if you can’t understand why it happened, I promise you that maybe tomorrow or the day after, you’ll just know and understand the message sent from God to you, in a well-wrapped gift called “coincidence”, which will assure you that the decision you took was just right.

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It Just Feels RIGHT

“It just feels right…”

Taking decisions is one of the hardest things in life. When you have to choose between two things or more, you enter into that unending cycle of “what ifs”.

“What if I fail”, “what if I regret it”, “what if people judge me”, “what if it doesn’t work”…

Whenever you come to make a decision, a full list of “what ifs” starts popping up in your mind. The creative writer inside you wakes up and starts creating the most wonderful scenarios that are unlikely to happen.

“- Where the hell does it come from?!”

-“It comes from fear.”

Fear is such a tricky little feeling on which most of our decisions are based. I remember in 2015 when THE Well-known journalist “Malek maktabi” made an episode about a Lebanese mother that imprisoned her three kids inside the house from the moment they’re born. She forbids them from going outside the house or even going to school. The reason for that was:  The FEAR for her kids. She believed that if they go outside people will eventually hurt them.

By result the kids had difficulties in communication. We could barely understand what they were saying and that’s because they were never exposed to the outside world before.

That story shows the extreme result of letting fear control our lives, for whatever we do, even in the most daily regular things, there is a tiny probability for something bad to happen. We shouldn’t let that limit us from leading a happy and balanced life.

Apart from that, there’s a theory that talks about the existence of a parallel universe, in which you take different choices and by consequence you have different results.

for example, if in this life you refused to take that job offer in Dubai because you prefer to stay near your friends and family, in another universe you take that offer and you’re now living another life.

Well I don’t know if this theory will be proven someday and if the existence of a parallel universe is true but the point is, yes each decision you take has a different consequence. No one can decide if the decision you are taking is right, but yourself.

“- yeah, but how?

– Well, you can feel it “

On some occasions and mostly the disastrous one,  people tell you “ I was planning to go on that trip, but something  inside me told me not to do it, I guess it was some kind of intuition”

Intuition is very triggering because sometimes it’s mistaken for fear. When we fear something we get a very weird feeling in our stomach, we think it’s a sign and that we should avoid this situation. However, intuition is far from that, it is not mixed with fear at all.  In fact, intuition has a pure feel to it and When you make the right decision, a very pleasant feeling fills up your body and you know that “It just feels right, I have enough love inside me that can cover the entire world, and most of all I have inner peace”.

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When Good Isn’t Enough

“Some people can do anything and be good at it but what if good wasn’t just enough?”

I’ve always been good, or at least that’s what most people tell me. “Good job”, “good work”, “good effort” etc. Whatever I try, I find myself doing a good job, and that’s the most thing I hate.

There are two types of people, the ones who cannot do a “good job” unless they love it, and the ones who can try anything and be good at it, even if they don’t like it. Apparently, I am one of the second type, I tried so many things, until I decided to switch my focus on just one thing that I love, so I can become great while doing it and not just good . And in order to be great, one’s need discipline.

The key to success is discipline. A Word that scares the majority, for it may reminds them of school discipline:

1- Wake up each morning at 6 a.m.

2- Get dressed into that ugly uniform.

3- Assist to those boring classes.

4- Meet the same people daily.

5- Go through the same courses year after year and repeat.

We go through the same cycle over and over again. First school, university and then work. From infancy to adulthood, life seems to change while in fact it remains the same with tiny differences.

We were trained to act and live based on the norms that society defines. These Norms transform us from free creatures to robots. We became slaves to a system that seems to educate us while in fact, it does nothing but program us to live with fear, anxiety and the need of hierarchy.

I hate that system, even though I am also programmed to live through it, I find myself having that kind of relentless resistance to it. I still don’t understand why we have to work and actually fight for a living, when living is our simple right. I still don’t understand why some people die starving, when there could be enough food for everyone. Why do we have to bury ourselves in work from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. or whatever the period is, in order to get a piece of paper which we ironically made to define the value of our lives?

2 days ago, I met a man in his 50’s. He has a very good heart, always speaking sweet words and smiling. He is the only happy person in a very angry world. I had the chance to talk to him and ask about his secret. He told me that whenever he finds the time, nature is the place he goes to, his personal sanctuary. He wakes up early in the morning, goes for a walk by the sea, swims for 10 minutes, comes back to feed the birds and then goes to work. He’s been living this way for 20 years. This guy isn’t the president, he doesn’t own a company, he doesn’t make a lot for a living yet he is happy and disciplined, so how come?

It took me a while to understand that discipline cannot be induced, just like loyalty. You can’t force yourself to be loyal, it’s either you are or you’re not. When you love someone, he/her becomes the only person you want even if you meet other persons that might have better qualities.

Discipline as well comes naturally. For instance, when you are in love you can’t wait to wake up each morning so you can meet your lover and speak to him/her. And it is the same with everything else. Hence, when you love to do something, you can’t wait to wake up so can you do it.

I can force myself to be disciplined and I can force myself to wake up at 6 a.m. and still make a “good” job while feeling miserable However, being forced to do so, leads me to being deprived from my right to be free.

One can be good at so many things, and great in just one thing. Whatever it is when you find it, discipline will show up at your door, and waking up in the morning won’t seem that hard anymore because you know that when you wake up you’ll be meeting your love, your passion. You’ll be creating and spreading love through your work and you won’t consider it as a job that you have to do but as something you want to do.

In sum, when “good” isn’t enough, search for the “great”.




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حنان في كوكب تحنان

كان يا ما كان في قديم الزّمان، على كوكب إسمه “تحنان”، كوكبٌ خلقه الخيال وسكنه الإنسان. على هذا الكوكب حلّ السّحر في كلّ مكان، فكانت سوائل تحيي وتروي ظمأ الإنسان، وأنوارٌ تضيء وتُدفئ كلّ كيان.

على كوكب كانت الصّيرورة والدّيمومة فيه عنوان، تحوّل الإنسان من كائن صلبه الحنان إلى كائن يبجلّ وينشر العدوان. فتغيّرت بذلك معاني كلّ الألوان.

الأحمر: تحوّل الأحمر من سائل منتشر بين الخلايا إلى سائل يغطي البرايا، فأصبح الموت مرادف وسبيل لا بد منه للمحافظة على الحياة.

الأخضر: من لون الأشجار و الطّبيعة الداعية للسّعادة إلى لون عملة تمحو العدالة وتزيد من نسبة التّعاسة.

الأزرق: من لون السّماء الشّاسعة الّتي تعكس جمالها على بحرها الّلامحدود، فتزرع في نفس النّاظر إليها طمأنينة وسلام، إلى لون تعدّى على قدسيّة ثنائيّة الطّبيعة، إلى لون فرّق الذّكر عن الأنثى وتناسى ضرورة وحدة الإثنين لديمومة الحياة.

على كوكب “تحنان”، انطلق مبدأ الهرميّة. فكان لا بدّ من تغدية مبدأ الرّئيس والمرؤوس لمحو العدالة وزرع التّفرقة وتحويل السّلام من حقّ إلى شعار تندلع بسببه الحروب. سُنّت قوانين تعاقب القاتل بالقتل، وتمنع السّرقة فتحلّلها. قوانين الأضداد، تنادي بالحريّة وتسعى فعليّاً إلى نشر العبوديّة. هرميّة تتغذّى من سياسة التّخويف.

على كوكب “تحنان” كانت أديان تسعى إلى تفرقة الإنسان، فتشوّه وتغيّر معنى الإيمان. وتجعل من آلهتها أوثان، تحلّل حبّاً وتمنع آخر متسلّحة باختلاف الأديان. فما معنى الحبّ؟ ومن جعل المحبّة مرهونة بفئة؟

على كوكب “تحنان”، كانت فتاة تدعى حنان، تحمل في طيّات قلبها ما لا يستطيع تخيّله إنسان، رغم صغر سنّها فهمت معنى الإيمان وحافظت على طهارة الألوان فأيقنت حكمة الحياة.

لم تكن تنطق حنان بلغّة معيّنة، بل كانت تتقن لغّة جميع الكائنات. لم تفرّق وتميّز نفسها عنهم ولم تجد بجسدها شيئاً يدعو بالعيب. في أحد الأيّام، وجدها أحد أبناء القرى المتمدّنة، فدعى الوسائل الإعلاميّة لتغطية تلك الظّاهرة الغريبة. ومن حيث لا تدري أصبحت حنان محطّ أنظار الجميع، ومصدر يلهيهم عن مشاكلهم اليوميّة. دارت التّحاليل والتّقارير، منهم من اعتقد أنها لعنة من الله وآخرون أكدوا أنها كائنة غريبة تحضر لغزو فضائي خطير.

بدأت المظاهرات والمنادات الّتي اقتضدت بقتل حنان، لتخليص البشريّة من خطر فتّاك. وبذلك قضى الإنسان على حقيقته العارية وألّف كتباً تحكي عن تطوّر الإنسان.

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Who Said Anger Is A Bad Thing?

Anger and sadness, negative emotions that we should stay away from and switch into positive ones. People deal with anger and sadness as if they were bad things! They deny and tend to suppress them.

– “Smile, come on chill ma badda hal2ad”

– “Yeah, well badda w aktar”.

I’ve met a couple of people that tend to be “wise” while in fact they are nothing but a “pain in the ass”. You know those people who always want to give you the right advice as if they know it all?! Yeah those people in fact knows nothing.

“Action speaks louder than words” you’ve read this quote so many times for sure and I will tell you why it’s true.  So many people preach and yet do nothing, I’ve been fooled so many times by people who tell “fakeness is a bad thing” and they themselves fake everything! Even a laugh! (For god’s sake who can fake a laugh?!)

Some People around me think I’m calm and others think I’m short tempered, when in fact I’m neither this nor that. I’m something in between and I guess that’s how everyone is.

When I started my blog I’ve got so many comments and support that encouraged me and made me smile but the one that really captivated my attention came from a person who told me that he didn’t like what I wrote! And when I asked why, he told me” because I prefer when your writings come from within”, he added:” I like it more when your writings are real.”

His comment made me realize that he truly reads each word I write, and doesn’t deprive me from his honesty. This exact person now waits for my writings and pushes me to write no matter how I feel.

Today I am angry, and anger is just a feeling it’s not a disease. On the contrary, denying and suppressing a feeling is the most dangerous disease. Today I feel angry and I’m glad I do because just when I feel anger I know that I’m either scared or sad, and that makes me search for the actual reason behind my anger and therefore deal with the cause rather than the result.

To be wise isn’t something you learn by reading books and assisting to seminars. Being wise comes with time by actually trying and risking things.

My anger today comes from a feeling of regret, from a decision I took years ago, but the irony is that if I come back again to that moment I’ll take the same decision. So maybe regret is nothing but a lie we convince ourselves of to make us feel bad, we’re such dramatic creatures!

It’s okay to be angry, sad and even depressed because “after darkness there is always light”

Cheers people and let yourself feel the way you want to feel! 😉

Ninette Abi Atallah

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Places: Stillness, silence, emptiness

“Stillness, silence, emptiness…”

Whenever I think of places the imagery of walls, monuments, rooms, and hollowness pops out in my mind. And then I remember when I left yesterday a place melancholic and arrived to the other a bit anxious and kind of stressed. Two places having similar architecture, both built with stones and probably constructed during the same year, yet each has its own sensation.

“It feels like home to me”, “I hate that smell, it reminds me of school”, “I love this scenery it awakens peace within me”, positive and negative affirmations that we often associate with places that are nothing more than objects and things. Each day brings new opportunities, experiences, chances, stories, and difficulties. You sometimes face: a break-up, a long-awaited reunion, a successful business deal, an expulsion and many more. Every situation arouses in us a feeling which we link to a certain place.

One of my favorite places is theater, an empty one to be precise. Empty seats with the reign of silence, a magical empty theater that witnesses hundreds and hundreds of plays, creation of minds, and playfulness of imagination.  Once I get into a theater I wish I can stay forever. I once slept on the theater’s floor, it was probably very dirty and full of dust but I didn’t care, I had the urge to feel that union between myself and this land where magic happens. Sleeping in there released all the sadness and stress I felt.

I found lately my other favorite place, it gathers all kind of writers, and makes them share their stories. I loved it, I can literally hear my thoughts there. Inside that place I feel that my soul finally meets what it’s striving for .In there, time flies so quickly, it’s a place that I secretly call “the home of imagination”.

Alternatively one of my worst places is hospitals; I subconsciously relate them to sickness, weakness and death. Even though I was once hospitalized and it wasn’t that bad, yet I still hate it because the thought of being sick is frustrating. My other worst place is school, despite the importance of education and knowledge, and despite the fact that it’s the place in which I met my closest friends; it still feels like jail to me.

Places are oppressed by our emotions. Places must always remain still, silent, empty and peaceful, for they are nothing but observers, and they do not interfere in any way with our lives.

Dear places, Forgive me for the times I cursed and blamed you for my sadness and sorrow, for whatever happened and will happen you can never be condemned guilty.



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Ninette: “He (God) has favored me”

 Ninette is a Hebrew name, and the meaning of Ninette is “He (God) has favored me; little girl; great-granddaughter”. Ninette is an alternate spelling of Anne (Hebrew): the English variation of Hannah. Ninette is also a variant of Nina (Spanish, Hebrew). Ninette is also used as a variant of Ninon (French, Hebrew).

ASSOCIATED WITH little, great

As a kid, I didn’t really like my name, for I found it weird and most of the kids made fun of it, but the fact that mom chose it from a fictional character was really appealing to me. Stories and fiction were always my addiction; I remember begging my siblings to read me more and more stories, finding it hard to get enough with just one.

One of my best memories is the first time I went to the theater; it was a kid’s play. I remember sitting in the first row, my eyes wide open, and astonished with the visual effects… it was just magical. Another best memory was on Christmas Eve. It was my first experience  in watching a movie at the cinema .The movie theater was empty I remember sitting still in my seat focusing on what was going on in the movie, I can never forget that night. That’s when I discovered my love for movies and plays

My next discovery was Gibran Khalil Gibran. I remember sitting next to my aunt while she was arranging her books. I told her that I hate to read, yet I unexpectedly found myself continuously reading one of Gibran’s books. I found in his stories my own world and visiting his house years later was just amazing.

As a 10 year old girl I found that I had special talents and a unique perception of things. I used to see faces in tiles, wood and water, I used to look into the sunset and see it as a passage into another dimension. Day dreaming was my thing, especially when going on a road trip; i used to constantly create these stories for people passing by. I always wrote about these deep thoughts that used to come to me but then I stopped!

Years later I found myself in my 18th birthday, it was one of the worst birthdays and one of the worst years I had. I remember myself crying on every occasion. The only thing that I wanted back then is to get accepted at the Arts University and major in movie directing, and guess what? I FAILED! And I didn’t get accepted.

It was hard for me to accept failure, and instead of fighting, I changed my path and registered in the most major I hate. I tried to love it but couldn’t. However, in that year, something great happened; I met a person that inspired me very much and made me stop putting off my dreams. He made me leave everything I hate and study what I love. So I registered for lyrical singing and movie directing. It was the best decision I made.

My university years weren’t very successful or fun, but in these years I rediscovered my buried talent. WRITING.

We had a screenwriting class in which I remember my great teacher Chukri anis fakhuri asking me in astonishment “how do you know how to write so well?” .Him saying that was enough for me to regain confidence in myself, so I went to him and showed him my other writings, I can’t forget his encouraging words. I remember myself standing in front of him shy, watching him read my writings in front of other students and teachers. I once asked him how I can become a writer. He told me but you are one and always kept encouraging me to keep writing.

Today I’m 24 years old, throughout this year I became an aunt, my beautiful nephew inspired me to write again and taught me a new kind of love. in just one year so many things happened. I lost some friends and I tried so many jobs, I cried and felt hurt, I was hospitalized for the first time but during the worst times I met myself again. When a doctor asked me what do I work? I told him that I’m a screenwriter and studied movie directing. I was proud because I did major in the most field I love, and the regrets I had just disappeared.

Today I’m glad of the achievements I did this year, like the blog that I started, and the writings that I’ve done so far, and not only that but I’m also about to finish the first draft of my first  feature screenplay.

Since I was a kid, I get whatever I wish for and it’s all because of God and my great faith in him.

Ninette: “He (God) has favored me”, well yes he did, through everything he gave me and still giving me, through the many things he put on my road by “coincidence” I know he favored me.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God – John 1:1

As god has given me the most precious gift “The Word”, I know that I’m blessed and just proud to be “Ninette”.